This store is safe to use to help pay for the server costs related to Brunos Realm Minecraft Network.

It takes 20 hours of work from me per week minimum, usually more, as a hobby to run the network. But, because we have picked up so many friends over the last 6 years, the cost of hosting our small community server kind of inflated with the size of our friends list. 

We currently pay $200 per month for hosting at Fragnet for a 40GB RAM dedicated server with unlimited storage. Also, if we want to grow and have more room for more friends, we need to increase that number at some point, which means increasing the cost of the server per month.

The internet I use to maintain the server remotely is $19.99 per month.

I like to drink coffee and eat pizza while I work on the server network. 

Just trying to balance the budget. Help me out? Thanks.

Love Bruno!

List of Servers and Fun on the network:
  • Brunos Realm Adventure Server (custom adventures playable with friends and on YouTube or your favorite streaming service) with robust quest tracking system.
  • Wild SMP (Multiple servers with never ending resources for your survival needs) with grief prevention so your builds and chests are safe from thieves.
  • Classic Bridges team combat server.
  • Custom Biome Generated servers for adventuring and looting.
  • Creative server with grief protection.
  • Competitive PVP server for duels and team combat with ranked rating system.
  • Master Builders competitive building game server for the speed builder in all of us.
  • CSGO style Minecraft pvp server with guns and correct noises.
  • Hunger Games server with sponsoring and such!
  • UHC server for your hardcore survival enthusiasts.
  • Elytra Flight Server for training your elytra skills and other cool flying things.
  • The latest custom map adventures from the best map makers around the universe.
  • Private SMP servers for streaming communities.
  • Rub elbows with popular internet personalities.
  • Top notch server administration with 6 years of experience in Minecraft server hosting.
  • Professionally trained moderators to keep the chat rated E for everyone, literally.
  • Custom Resource Pack and Website for stat tracking and your social needs while out of the Brunoverse.
  • A brilliant community of happy and friendly people from all over the world who offer friendship.